Thursday, March 24, 2011

"The best day of my life" by: Devon White

A crisp Friday morning in early March made a 4 year old boy's dreams come true!

Thank you Kara, Danny, and Danny Sr. for a magical day!

Baby dolls make the bestest friends!

Priss Pots

Lost a tooth!

Ella lost her very first tooth on March 9, 2011! Her friend, Elaine, pulled it out for her.

Their conversation was hilarious... "Just yank it, Ella!" "NO, it's going to hurt!" "Humph! Just let me do it!"

That evening we had a discussion on who/what the tooth fairy was. Maybe a girl, maybe a boy? How will the fairy get in our house, etc. Ella insisted I take down the sign on her door that read, "NO BOYS ALLOWED" just in case :)
She was also very concerned that her little tooth pillow would not be big enough to hold all the money!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Doggies, Butterflies, and Bats, OH MY!

Lesson in Cow (post New Year's Day visit)

Beef... it's what's for dinner.

Sales Lady

It's never to early to teach your child how to be a good salesperson.